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Web Development is Complex

The statement is not “web applications are complex”. The process of making something for the web is complex. Plenty of people far more experienced than I have complained about learning to build a web app and being told 50 things to learn. I can still add my experience though.

I wrote a python script using some random script on github for myself. I wanted to share this but python scripts can’t be consumed by most people. You gotta have a web app. So I went forward converting the code base to JavaScript.

Before I did anything I looked to see if there were anything that could make python code just work on the web. Research found no project still bearing fruit.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are Simple

In concept at least. I went into this project with some (limited) prior experience years ago. W3schools is still an ‘ok’ reference to get started. It doesn’t take much to get something displayed in the browser.

Doing Stuff with Javascript

First step in the project was rewrite the random code in javascript. The random code depended on a python library so I had to find a javascript replacement. That wasn’t too hard. Only minor googling was required. Download the js file, put it in the project directory, and add a script tag to the html.