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MIT is a simple license and it is great. You do not need to be a lawyer to understand it. People can use your code without worrying about legal technicalities. I assume if you’re publishing your code, you want people to use it. Use MIT so people can use your code. Special mention:


Thinking about the gpl makes me angry. It is hard to think rationally after thinking about the gpl for too long. If a library is licensed under the gpl it may as well not have been published at all. There is no freedom in the GPL. There are selective usecases where it may be appropriate but even then I do not like it.

Making a product in a new market

OBS came out when XSplit was still newish and basically the only accessible consumer streaming program. When there’s only one commercial option when you start writing your open source application, gpl kinda makes sense.

But then they rewrote it from scratch. That would have been a perfect time to change to not GPL. The market has matured enough that every new project doing similar things shouldn’t need to start from scratch.

Dolphin and many other emulators are licensed under the gpl. The gpl is the definition of red tape and red tape is nice when you’re slightly afraid of law suits. I am not a lawyer, the gpl is not a magic “don’t sue me” sign. Anyway there are archetecute components of the emulator that are not of the console being emulated that would be cool to have free access to.

There is no coherent argument here, only sadness.